Short lady’s cardigan with caro plaid

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Mô tả

The evening coats will always be the smart choice of the cake girls because of the convenience in coordinating. So always keep at least one of these coats in your wardrobe. .


Product information:

– From China

– Material: 2 layers of felt

– Color: black and white checkered, luxurious beige brown checkered. Currently, the shop has added a beige brown checkered shirt to wear very luxuriously, it is a new color, so please refer to the new color for our customers.

– Measurements:

Size S : Shirt length: 43 Sleeve length: 52 Bust: 37

Size M: Shirt length: 44 Sleeve length: 52 Bust: 38

Size L: Shirt length: 45 Sleeve length: 52 Bust: 39


– Size: Size S, M, OVER


Salient features:

– Thick material suitable to wear in autumn and winter of the year with a comfortable, spacious shirt form, thick and warm material

– Shirt with a weight of 350g, moderate thickness but very warm, can be worn with light clothes for autumn or with heat preservation for winter.

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