KZ ZSN Pro Metal Earphones 1BA+1DD Hybrid Technology HIFI Bass Earbuds In Ear Monitor Headphones Sport Noise Cancelling Headset

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Three times the cost of ordinary dynamic earphones! Stunning technology configuration, Casting the professional sound quality of the Hybrid technology type Earphones.

Experience the details of the music you have never heard, the customized 30095 balanced armature unit, for your sensitive performance of broader high-frequency resolution!

New professional-grade electronic crossover adjustment

Let the advantages of dynamic and balanced armature combine with each other.

Extravagant craft metal combined with imported resin

Strong and durable exquisite appearance

Zinc Alloy Cover + Imported Resin Cavity + Aluminum alloy vocal cavity

Exquisite metal texture coexists with fashion streamline Aesthetics

Improved 2PIN plug-in structure

Assembling the Bluetooth module to upgrade to a Bluetooth Earphone

Self-developed, non-traditional manufacturing. Carefully design and improve by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various interchangeable line interfaces in the industry.

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