GameSir T4 Kaleid Gamepad

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Mô tả

GameSir T4k is an incredibly superior controller. Anti-drift glides. Satisfying button presses. Extremely linear travel. It’s responsive and comfortable, with clear, transparent housing and stunning light strips. Additionally, with the GameSir T4k App software, the kaleidoscope moves in your controller as you want.

GameSir Hall Effect sensing sticks

1.Delivering an anti-drift glide via the GameSir™ Hall Effect sensing sticks, GameSir T4k secures reliable, durable stick performance for gaming on PC, Switch and Android devices.

Precision-tuned Hall Effect analog triggers

Using the similar precision-tuned tech with the GameSir G7 controller, the Hall Effect analog triggers are also made to ensure the same travel distance always requires the same depth. When racing, you accelerate or brake with the natural knowledge of how much depth you need to press, thanks to the best-in-class consistent smoothness and precision provided.

Tactile face buttons, crisp yet cushioned

The tactile face buttons are specially tuned for fast and comfortable button presses. They have 5-million-click micro switches that reduce the travel distance to 0.6mm only and soft rubber pads that produce satisfying presses along with a crisp yet cushioned feel.

Game. Move. More Fun.

A. Built-in 6-axis gyro: GameSir T4k comes with 6-Axis gyro so that gamers can achieve or combine more motion inputs such as tilt and rotation, enabling more active and immersive interactions in Switch motion-control games.

B. Special Motion Aim/Steer tech: Motion control brings more fun and engagement to the game. Now with motion support on PC and Android devices, you can aim or steer in any game just by tilting the controller, after a toggle in the GameSir T4k App software. So games played with T4k feel even more true to life.

Multi-platform play

Works with PC, Switch and Android devices, GameSir T4k provides the most smooth and ultimate gaming experience with less latency and no low battery anxiety.

Easier. Faster. Fire.

Easier controls with the 2 macro back buttons to map to a single button or a set of buttons. Act faster with the optional turbo function for the main buttons.

Show your game flair

Show your flair with the GameSir T4k. Featured with 4 ultra-personalized light effects, perfectly tune the keyframe, speed, brightness and the 5 light beads’ colors. Change to suit your mood and style anytime.

Multi-function M button for convenient control

Instantly control everything from the light effects to brightness, and trigger mode to ABXY layout. There’s so much you can easily do with the M button.

Fully software-customizable

Fully customize your gaming experience via the GameSir T4k App software. Map buttons, tweak D-pad diagonal, adjust sticks & triggers zone, configure vibration, fine-tune light effects, etc. Experience the special motion aim/steer feature for all games.

Tech Specs

Brand: GameSir
Model: T4 Kaleid
Connection: Wired
Working Platforms: Nintendo Switch / Windows PC (Windows 10 or later) / Android TV Box (Android 9.0 or later)
Analog Triggers: Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
Analog Joysticks: Hall 3D Joysticks
Hall Effect Sticks: Yes
Six-Axis Gyroscope: Yes (for Switch only)
Capture Button: Yes (for Switch only)
Microswitch Buttons: Yes, ABXY
Back Buttons: Yes, 2 Mappable Back Buttons
Vibration Motors: Asymmetric Dual Motors
3.5mm Audio Port: Yes (Not supported in XInput mode)
Software Support: GameSir T4k App
Connectivity: Type-C
Cable Length: 2m / 6.56ft
Package Size: 17.2*16.8*7.3cm / 6.77*6.61*2.87in
Gross Weight: 300g / 0.66lb

In the Box

1* GameSir T4 Kaleid Wired Gaming Controller
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual

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