GameSir T3 Gamepad

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Mô tả

What’s more relaxing than gaming on the comfy couch in front of a big screen? With wired (1.8m cable) or wireless connection, even in your large living room or gaming room, GameSir T3 gamepad remains a reliable partner for an immersive TV or PC gaming world. Plus, its strong battery life of up to 40 hours lets you have as much fun as you want. Equipped with asymmetrical dual motors and linear trigger buttons, GameSir T3 game controller instantly takes you into real gaming battles, even from the comfort of your couch. So sit back, enjoy the bigger screen, and have more fun with GameSir T3.

Two connection methods, support PC and Android TV box

Wired or wireless, that is the question. However, as a game controller with dual connectivity, GameSir T3 gives gamers the freedom to switch from wired to wireless controllers. In addition, compatibility with PC and Android TV boxes makes it the ideal gaming companion for gaming from the comfort of your couch, whether via the included 1.8m cable or the 2.4GHz wireless receiver which transmits up to 10m.

3 modes Turbo function delivers the right speed for the right scene

The 3 modes of Turbo function correspond to 3 automatic firing frequencies, allowing players to freely choose different speeds in different game scenarios.

Asymmetric dual motors take you into real game battles

Equipped with asymmetric dual motors, GameSir T3 provides more dynamic and delicate vibrations by generating different vibration intensities on the left and right grips.

Linear trigger buttons create multiple of performance and interactivity

Linear trigger buttons allow you to control speed or intensity in-game by adjusting the tension you have on them, enabling multiple layers of performance and interactivity in games.

Up to 40 hours of battery life supports your uninterrupted gaming time

Built-in 400mAh lithium battery, GameSir T3 can provide up to 40 hours of battery life. It helps gamers get rid of low-battery anxiety and enjoy pleasant non-stop playtime.

Tech Specs

Brand: GameSir
Model: T3
Connection: Wireless / Wired
Wireless Technology: 2.4GHz Wireless
Working Platforms: Windows PC (Windows 7 or later) / Android TV Box (Android 9.0 or later)
Vibration Motors: Yes (for PC only)
Turbo Button: Yes
Battery Capacity: built-in 400mAh lithium battery
Connectivity: Micro-USB
Cable Length: 1.8m / 5.91ft
Package Size: 16.2*10.2*6.7cm / 6.38*4.02*2.64in
Gross Weight: 354g / 0.78lb

Please Note

When you press the button on GameSir T3 gamepad, if it has a multi-click effect instead of one click, this means that the Turbo function is turned on. You can turn off the Turbo function by double-clicking the “CLEAR” button.

In the Box

1* GameSir T3 Wireless Gaming Controller
1* 2.4GHz Wireless USB Receiver
1* Micro-USB Cable (1.8m / 5.91ft)
1* User Manual

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