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Dispute Policy

Dispute Resolution Process:

1. In the event of any dispute arising between papmall® and the end-user regarding the Products or services sold by papmall®, papmall® shall be solely responsible for handling and resolving such disputes. 2. papmall® shall undertake all reasonable efforts to resolve disputes with end-users in a fair and timely manner, taking into account the circumstances and applicable laws and regulations. And the following steps should be taken:

a. Reporting Disputes:

i) If an end-user raises a dispute related to a Product or service purchased from papmall®, end-user shall promptly notify papmall®’s designated dispute resolution contact via [email protected];

ii) End-user shall provide detailed information regarding the nature of the dispute, including the order number, description of the issue, and any relevant evidence or documentation.

b. Investigation and Review:

i) Upon receiving notice of a dispute, papmall®’s dispute resolution team shall conduct a thorough investigation into the matter;

ii)papmall® may request additional information or clarification from the end-user.

c. Communication with End-User:

i) papmall® shall communicate directly with the end-user to gather their perspective on the dispute and address any concerns they may have.

ii)papmall® shall inform the end-user and provide updates on the progress of the dispute resolution efforts.

d. Resolution Proposal:

i) Based on the findings of the investigation and discussions with the end-user, papmall® shall propose a resolution to the dispute;

ii)The proposed resolution may include options such as issuing a refund, providing a replacement Product, offering a discount or credit, or any other form of compensation deemed appropriate by papmall®.

e. Approval and Implementation:

i) If the proposed resolution is acceptable to the end-user, papmall® shall proceed with implementing the resolution in a timely manner;

ii)papmall® shall notify the end-user of the agreed-upon resolution and provide instructions for any necessary actions to be taken.

f. Appeal Process:

i) If the end-user disagrees with papmall®’s proposed resolution or believes that additional information should be considered, the end-user may request an appeal by submitting a written appeal to papmall®’s dispute resolution team within 3 days of receiving the proposed resolution;

ii) papmall®’s dispute resolution team shall review the appeal and may conduct further investigation if necessary;

iii) papmall® shall communicate the outcome of the appeal to the end-user in writing within a reasonable timeframe.

g. Final Decision:

i) papmall®’s decision regarding the resolution of the dispute shall be final and binding on both sides.

ii)The end-usershall abide by papmall®’s decision and take all necessary actions to implement the agreed-upon resolution.

h. Confidentiality:

i) All communications and information related to the dispute resolution process shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of all parties involved, except as required by law.

ii)By following this Dispute Process, papmall® aim to resolve disputes in a fair and efficient manner, ensuring the satisfaction of end-users while upholding the integrity of papmall®’s business operations.

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