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Dispute Policy

Version dated DD MMM 2021

1. papmall® and Sellers are responsible to receive claims from Buyer and assist the Buyers in relation to the transactions on papmall® E-commerce Platform. Once a dispute arises, papmall® highly encourages the parties to negotiate and reach amicable settlement to maintain the trust of Members in service quality of papmall® E-commerce Platform and the following steps should be taken:

  • Step 1: Buyers initiate the claim in respect of Products via hotline or
  • Step 2: Customer Care department of papmall® receives claims of Buyers, and subject to the nature and seriousness of the claims, it will take appropriate measures to assist Buyers in the dispute settlement.

2. papmall® respects and seriously complies with statutory regulations on consumer right protection. Therefore, the Sellers listing Products on papmall® E-commerce Platform are required to provide complete, accurate, truthful and adequate information in relation to products and/or services. Any fraud or cheating in business is not tolerable and must be fully punished under laws.

3. All parties including Sellers, Buyers and delivery partners must be responsible to proactively settle the matters in dispute. The relevant parties must provide documents verifying the information about the matter in dispute. papmall® shall provide information related to the parties if so requested by the relevant parties.

4. Once the dispute is settled, the parties must keep papmall® informed of the result. In case that the dispute arises due to Seller’s fraud, papmall® will apply a warning measure, deactivate seller account or report the case to competent authorities subject to the seriousness of the fraud. papmall® may take down the Product listing information on the papmall® E-commerce Platform of the violating Seller and the violating Seller must make compensation and/or indemnity to the relevant Buyer upon the agreement with such Buyer.

5. If failed to reach amicable agreement to settle the dispute arising from the transaction, the parties have the right to bring the dispute to the competent authorities to protect the parties’ legitimate rights in accordance with laws.

6. This procedure of claim and dispute handling is constructed and governed in accordance with the Operation and Management Regulations of papmall® E-commerce Platform dated 01 June 2021 as amended and/or supplemented from time to time (the “Regulations”). The capitalized words in this procedure shall have the meanings as set out in the Regulations.

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