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1. Payment Methods

1.1. Why did my payment fail?

There are some errors when you make payment: (i) Something went wrong on your site If you are encountering issues during check out, please try again on website desktop or mobile browser. If the problem persists, you may follow steps below to fit the issue:

  • Log out and log in again your user papmall® account
  • Restart your device
  • Clear Cookies and Cache (for desktop users)

(ii) Something went wrong on your order Here are some reasons:

  • Due to high volume traffic
  • There is an issue with your current payment method
  • There is an issue with voucher
  • Unusual activities detected on your papmall® user account

(iii) Could not complete payment

  • Your card issuer declined your transaction
  • Take note that papmall® has no restriction on our payment’s end. This is up to your card issuer’s discretion. We suggest you contact your card issuer for issuance.
  • You have an invalid phone number tied to your account
  • Due to the above reason, we are unable to proceed with your payment. Please bind and verify your card with a valid phone number to proceed. Contact papmall® hotline for support.
  • Other possible reasons
    • Wrong card details entered
    • Wrong OTP entered

(iv) Declined by risk scanning We are sorry. Your payment may be blocked as we have detected unusual activities from your account and/or your card. For credit / debit card users, we recommend you to try another different card again. Then you may escalate the issue to Customer Agent for further assistance. (v) Account transaction limit Your transaction was declined because of the value of total payable transaction for the order below minimum value – one euro (€ 01.00) (after deducted from voucher). We apologize for this inconvenience.

1.2. What are the payment methods available?

To bring you the best online shopping experience, papmall® currently supports you in various forms of online payments: (i) card payments for credit / debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay; (ii) digital wallets from Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay; (iii) bank redirects from many local and international banks. In order to enhance customer experience and smoothen transactions, we are always keeping you updated with more types of payment methods.

1.3. Will I receive a confirmation on whether your payment order is successful?

A notification email on whether your payment was successful will be sent to you once your order has been confirmed.

1.4. Do I get charged for adding a new credit card?

NO. papmall® does not implement a subscription service or save customer’s payment data. Therefore, we do not charge any fee for adding a new credit card.

1.5. How do I notify papmall® should there be an unauthorized transaction?

If you encounter unauthorized transactions made from your papmall® user account, please contact us immediately via hotline or email to [email protected]. Our team will get back to you shortly and assist you with further steps to proceed with your case under papmall® payment protection.

1.6. Do you keep my credit / debit card details?

Your security is important to us and we take it seriously. Every payment card transaction is executed within a secure encrypted environment. We do not retain your card information after order completion, and it is submitted directly to the acquiring bank.

2. PayPal Payments

2.1. How to instruct a payment with a PayPal account?

To send a payment with PayPal:

  1. Choose PayPal as the payment method
  2. Log in your PayPal account
  3. Choose the payment type and click Continue.
  4. Review the details. You can change your funding source by clicking Change next to “Paying for an item or service.”
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Review your payment and click Send Money.

If you have a balance in your PayPal account, the funds will be taken from your balance before debiting the remaining funds from your bank account, credit or debit card. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay for purchases with PayPal using your credit or debit card.

2.2. How to instruct payments without a PayPal account?

PayPal payments are not only limited to users who are currently registered on the platform. Although it is quick and easy to set up an account, if you do not have a PayPal account and need to make a quick or urgent payment, having to sign up for PayPal could potentially be a bottleneck. This is likely why the financial service allows anyone with a credit or debit card to pay as a guest, this way you will not need to create an account to pay outstanding invoices or online product fees. If you do not have or can not register for a PayPal account and expect that you may have to make payments via the service, then you could find the following steps useful:

I. Click on the “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” button

When a non-PayPal user receives said email or would like to pay for an online product and choose PayPal as their method of payment, they have the option to pay as a guest.

II. Entering your card details

Without a PayPal account, you will only be allowed to use the following payment options: debit card and credit card. Keep in mind, however, that you will be prompted to create an account. Although, if you wish to proceed without one, then simply enter your card details. As mentioned previously, credit and debit cards are the most costly payment option that PayPal supports. You will have to keep in mind that spending a bit of time registering for an account could potentially save you quite a bit of money.

III. Confirmation

Once you have reviewed all the payment information, you can then proceed with the payment. You will then be notified via email (check your spam inbox if you do not see the receipt in over 10 minutes after the payment was made).

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