The process of creating a logo is known as logo design. The simplest way to identify your company is through the use of a logo mark, a typographic solution, or a combination of the two. To represent a company, a logo can be used as a branding and marketing tool. Simply said, your logo symbolizes the brand of your company.

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Following the high demand in the marketing industry, freelance logo design services are more popular now than ever before. You can have a professional-designed logo even online by hiring a freelancer without directly meeting and communicating with them. This service is made possible because of the benefits a logo could bring to businesses in terms of their visual appearance.

  1. Get to know about logo design

Logo design is the art of creating a visually representative of a brand in the form of a mark or an icon that is appealing, memorable, and recognizable. A logo often consists of symbols, typos, along with distinctive colors that are carefully studied and selected by a designer. Throughout the lifetime of the company, a logo can be redesigned several times in order to match with the tendency of the current era; however, all distinctive features that remind people of the brand itself such as symbol, colors, or lines, etc, will remain unchanged.

  1. Understand the benefits a logo design can bring to your business.

A well-designed logo plays an indispensable role in branding, maintaining, and growing a business in terms of visual appearance. That is the reason why some business owners are willing to pay a fortune for a good logo design knowing that their logo can bring them more value than that with these benefits:

  • Helping the business visually stand out from the crowd and appeal to potential customers; hence, increase brand awareness to a larger group of audience.
  • Reminding people of not only the business itself but also the value it brings to targeted customers.
  • Being the foundation of the later-on branding campaigns in terms of visual appearance through distinctive features like colors, symbols, or styled text, etc.

Logo design services are perfect for every business. No matter if you are just a start-up or a worldwide corporation, even big companies like Coca Cola, Nike, or Michelin all realize the need to adjust their logo design every few years in order to meet people's taste.

If your business doesn't have an in-house designer, freelance logo design service is an ideal option since you can freely choose your perfect fit among many talented designers who are experts in their field.

  1. 03 main characteristics of a good logo design

Despite all the logo design instructions you can find online, there is no definition of what a good logo design should look like. However, a logo still needs to satisfy 03 main factors as it professionally represents the visual appearance of the business.

  1. strong: First impressions are very important as people tend to rely on their first judgment to decide on later connection with a brand. An appealing logo helps to attract and leave a positive impression on people, which contributes in bringing value to targeted customers and leads them to the next stage of the customer funnel.
  2. Memorable: After having people’s attention, you will also want them to remember you for as long as possible since your visual representatives are already in people’s mind, they will easily recall and recognize your brand name whenever and wherever they see you. To make a logo memorable to people, you may want to make it simple, easy to understand, or interesting with fun characteristics, etc.
  3. Recognizable: A logo doesn't need to obtain any value or unique feature of a business, instead, it must clearly describe the message they want to deliver to their customers.

You may want to take notes on these 03 characteristics above if you are planning to buy logo design services. Appealing, Memorable, and Recognizable, make sure your new logo satisfies all of them.

  1. The differences between a logo and a brand identity

A brand identity is a collection of elements that are created for branding purposes of a business in terms of visual appearance. All of these elements are created following a visual guideline with the same colors, symbols, typo, voice, … that have been standardized to use in every aspect of promoting, including both online and offline platforms .

A logo is an element of the brand identity but has the most important role as it visually represents a business and is used widely in mostly anywhere the brand is mentioned.

  1. Logo guidelines - What is included in logo design services

Logo guideline is a collection of standardized design elements that designers rely on in the process of creating as well as present to their client. A logo guideline often consists of elements such as the proportions, the colors, the typography, etc. Without a logo guideline, no matter how beautiful a logo is, it cannot be used as a representative of the business in any marketing campaign.

Basically, most of in-house and freelance logo design services will offer you an ordinary logo guideline consists of:

  1. The Main Logo: The main and fullest version of the logo that professionally represents the style, value, and vision of the business.
  2. Logo Anatomy: The position, proportion, features, size, layout, and the demonstration of how the parts of a logo fit together is what will be included on a logo anatomy. The anatomy has the mission of ensuring the whole logo design has its standard form no matter where it is. When shown in its anatomy proportion, the logo will be recognized in the right way.
  3. Logo & Slogan composition: The design in which the logo and the slogan of the business are combined in order to create a general perfect form that can bring out the artistic visual appearance.
  4. The Colors: Normally, the logo will have the maximum of 3 colors, these 3 colors will be the main colors for any later-on publications that are designed based on the logo.
  5. The Exclusion Zone: The required inside space of the logo when placed in a grid system and the needed outside space when it is placed in other backgrounds.
  6. The Minimal Size: It is the design of the logo at the minimal size with the smallest proportion that still allows it being displayed with the highest, clearest quality to be recognized.
  7. The Usage on Complex Backgrounds: Except for the standard colors, a logo also needs to adapt well in different backgrounds or colors as well.
  8. The Incorrect Usages: In order to avoid cases where the logo is used in wrong ways, the Incorrect Usage instruction is also to be included in the guideline.
  9. The Distinctive Recognition: It is alternative graphic features of the main logo with the purpose of avoiding the cases where the main logo is used too many times. The Distinctive Recognition is also used as a pattern for increasing brand recognition and brand identity of a business.
  10. The Typography: Including fonts, sizes, typefaces of the logo.
  1. Why you should hire a logo designer instead of making it by yourself

A logo is a representative of your business, of course you cannot consider logo designing an easy task. You will definitely want the best logo designers with experience, skills, fundamental knowledge, and obviously the practical work that fits with your requirement to do it for you. Have a professional logo designer create you one outstanding logo that is appealing, memorable, and recognizable, make sure you receive a logo guideline with at least all 10 elements above along with your beautiful main logo.

In case you want an outstanding logo for your business, you may want to use online freelance logo design services, or hire a freelance logo designer who is an expert in their field. The most ideal places that can offer business owners with the best logo designers are ecommerce websites with freelance logo design services. Those platforms are built with all types of marketing service, secure and convenient payment methods, and supporting policies that help businesses in creating a unique icon that can bring their image value closer to targeted customers.

  1. Things businesses should prepare before hiring a logo designer

Before reaching out to your freelancer for a meet up, you may need a little preparation, or a brief on how you want your logo to be created. This brief will play an important role in telling the designer what needs to be shown in the logo, it also makes it easier for you to discuss them in further details. And in most cases, the brief can also minimize the time and effort in continuous adjustment due to lack of thorough understanding, as well as minimize the risk of paying freelancers an extra fee because of the lack-of-information communication.

A logo design brief often consists of these following elements:

  • The business goals or vision
  • Tagline or slogan (if any)
  • Products or Services
  • Target Customer
  • Inspiration Style
  • References
  • Timing and budget

You won’t need to understand all the fundamentals of logo design, instead, in order for better communication with your logo designer is an idea of how you want your logo to look like, or how it is supposed to appear in front of the audience.

Go do research online, do research on reliable or famous logo designers and look for their projects, look at other logos, choose the style that you like, or the style you think can clearly describe the logo you are imagining. You now have a more specific image of your dream logo, and you can have a nice talk with your designer than when you have nothing to tell them.

Don’t just look for the local designers by Googling “freelance logo designer near me”, instead, try reaching to a larger pool of talents by joining international logo freelance sites. By doing that, you will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with more creative people coming from all types of skills, styles, and backgrounds all over the world.

Mentioning the best freelance websites for logo designers, papmall® is one of the most reliable platforms that offers creative services with the best quality and many supporting policies to both buyer and seller clients.

  1. Have a stunning logo that fits your brand personality here at papmall® !

papmall® is an ecommerce platform that provides creative services and digital solutions specifically for small and medium businesses. With a worldwide community of freelancers in all fields marketing such as Digital Marketing, Programing & Tech, Translation & Writing, Music & Audios, etc. and of course, Graphic Design, businesses can easily and quickly find for themselves a perfect logo designer with experience, skill sets, knowledge and designing style that match with their requirements.

Not only offer businesses with verified freelancers with best quality, papmall® is also known for the best freelance logo design website that provides their partners with supporting policies that guarantee safety, quality, and efficiency in communicating with freelancers, as well as in enlarging their business to more creative campaigns requiring other talents of related fields.

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