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Traditional or digital invitations are essential since they not only invite guests to the event but also let them know about both the major and minor elements of the celebration. When attendance and guests are present, it makes celebrations, parties, forums, and other gatherings more thrilling and satisfying. A well-designed invitation generates a certain amount of excitement and thrill and frequently influences whether someone confirms their participation.

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Invitation design services - The art of inviting people

In a special event, an invitation letter is a symbol of respect and a wish of the owner to have a meet up with the invited people. In many cases, the invitation letter even has a higher level of formality than when one person invites someone face to face. A well-made invitation letter not only successfully leads to the attendance of the guests, but it also makes them feel pleasant when coming to the event.

Invitation design is the art of inviting people

Invitation design refers to creating an invitation letter for an occasion, a ceremony, a party, an exhibition, and so on. Besides doing the primary purpose of informing and inviting people to the event/place through detailed information of location and time, a well-designed invitation letter nowadays also needs to be appealing, match with the mood of the whole event, and be able to generate the excitement about the attending so that those who are invited would want to show up.

Nice modern invitation design services not only show the purpose, the detailed information, and the right mood of the event, they also offer people a nicely felt experience while looking at it. No matter if it is the formal and classic style of a serious ceremony like weddings, opening ceremonies, or a little more casual style like a graduation event, a birthday party, the invitation letter is the one that comes to meet and communicate with the invited people about the importance of their attending, and the mood of the event first long before they actually get to the place.

That is the reason why if you want people to come with the right expectations about the event, you must make them feel excited first with a beautiful invitation design.

What makes good invitation design services?

Just like every aspect of creative design, there is no design that is right or wrong, but it has to be a guideline or standard for the designers to create a custom invitation design that is catchy and nice enough to gain people's hearts. Good modern invitation design services must follow some of these below guidelines in order to do so:

  • The same set of main colors, pattern, layout, and mood throughout the design;
  • The appropriate and legible typography;
  • The right mood & style of the design in order to match with the formality of the event;
  • The choice of the paper (if it is the invitation letter) or the choice of format (if it is an E-Invitation).

Another factor that can be included in good infographic design services is the owner’s style that will make the design unique and memorable to both him/her and the guest. Normally, some people will choose to buy an already-made wedding invitation letter format in a gift shop, but many others tend to prefer to have a designer make them custom-designed ones to make it more meaningful and memorable on the biggest day of their lives. And that is just so sweet.

What should be included in an invitation design?

Depending on the type of event that an invitation letter will have different information written on it. Standardly, invitation design services will include these following elements:

  • Date
  • Location
  • The guest’s name
  • The hosts’ name
  • The general schedule
  • The purpose of the event or special instruction
  • And some extra information about the venue.

Each of the information above serves an indispensable purpose in the invitation that will help customers in coming, joining in the atmosphere, and enjoying the event as much as possible.

Online invitation design services - The new trending way of sending your invitation.

Besides being classified based on the purpose of the events, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation events, private parties, exhibitions, etc, invitation design are also being differentiated into 2 types of formality, which are invitation letters on the paper and E-Invitation, also known as paperless invitation - invitation design online.

Although the letter is a traditional type of invitation, people nowadays tend to prefer invitation design online because of many reasons: the distance; the convenience; the wish to protect the environment; the benefits of adding other effects in the invitation like videos, gifs, pictures, etc; and the list goes on.

Why should I hire an invitation designer instead of making it myself?

As mentioned above, good modern invitation design services must follow some guidelines in order to fully serve the original purposes such as the same set of main colors, pattern, layout, and mood throughout the design; the appropriate and legible typography; the right mood & style of the design in order to match with the formality of the event; the types of formality (paper or e-invitation), etc. And in order to make a good invitation design, you will need a designer to assist you in showing the right mood and the meaning of the event.

What steps should be taken to design the most beautiful custom invitation design for your event?, Which design technique should be used to arrange information on the letter in the most appropriate way?, What common mistakes should be noticed and avoided?, In what way an invitation can be designed to satisfy the visual experience of the guest?, etc, a designer will help you to handle all of it.

Things to prepare when planning on hiring an invitation designer

Whether it is traditional invitation letters, or invitation design online, a good invitation design delivers more than your message so it must include the personality of the restaurant, which is why you will have to have an in-depth conversation with your guest in case you need a professional one to make you a beautiful invitation design. Here is the list of what you should determined beforehand:

  • The general mood and meaning of the event;
  • The type of invitation;
  • The cover and the overall design;
  • The image;
  • The needed information;
  • The purpose of the event;
  • The schedule of the event (if any);
  • And many more.

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