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An infographic is a visual representation of any type of information or data. It is the compilation of imagery, data visualizations such as all types of charts and minimal text. It can be a market trend study or a step-by-step guide to doing your laundry. As in the example, infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly

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Infographic Design FAQs

Infographic design services - An ideal way to present your idea in digital era

Infographics are indeed a very efficient tool of delivering information to the target audience. In the form of an interactive and interesting representation, an infographic piece of content is an ideal choice for businesses or any type of organization to give out results on data researches, instructions, training, guideline, rules, etc to the customers, members and their employees.

Infographic design services - The new trendy way to deliver your ideas

Exactly as it is called, infographic (Information + Graphics) is the visual design of all the elements including images, research data or statistical data, and illustrations together in order to create an engaging, interacting, and easy-to-understand piece of information in a 2D format.

The information delivered by an infographic therefore becomes much more easy to understand, to remember, and to take away. That is also what makes it an ideal choice for businesses to do the marketing campaign in the form of infographics.

The reasons why infographic design services is now more and more popular than the other designs to convey information is because it offers a more effective way to deliver your ideas:

  • It is easy to understand, to remember, and to take away and share widely anywhere;
  • It uses pictures or illustrations to demonstrate the ideas in the most interactive and interesting way possible;
  • It adapts well to the current digital era by offering a quick and simple way of digesting information;
  • It simplify the ideas with the simplest words and step-by-steps guide for the readers;
  • It is engaging and interacting with the reader because of the data visualization and interesting way of instruction it offers;
  • Each of the infographic designs is unique and special in its own presenting way.

How can having stunning infographic design services benefit your business?

With just one piece of concise, persuasive, and engaging content, infographic viewers can easily digest all the information and data that is provided in a short period of time. That is what makes infographics a powerful tool to deliver what you want to tell, or instruct others.

Below are the benefits of the infographic design services to a business:

  • It increases brand awareness and help the business to reach out to more customers;
  • It increases viewing rate of the website;
  • It helps keep visitors on site;
  • It is an effective tool to do SEO marketing since it increases the business’s reputation with quality content, people will start to click like, share, and spread it on social media, not to mention that other sites will get links of the infographic to their website as well.

However, the only issue with this ideal choice of ours is that it takes more time and effort to complete than when we make a short video or a meme, or a normal board of instructions, as we always do. Good infographic design services require using lots of skills, or the whole team of creative executives including designers, content writers, data visualization experts, illustrators, etc in order to create a well-designed end result. Not to mention, it has to consist of the brand’s characteristics and is useful for the target audience.

Hence, you will need an expert in the field, or hire the whole team of marketing just to perfectly make an infographic design. Fortunately, a professional freelancer is also an ideal option for you to choose.

What is in a good infographic design?

An infographic design is often an instruction or guideline on something, or a visualization of research data that is presented to the target audience. Therefore, a good infographic design is one that is:

  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to remember
  • Helpful
  • Interesting enough that people want to interact with it.

7 types of infographic designs

There are several ways of classifying types of infographic design that you can easily find on the internet. However, based on the purpose, we will present to you 7 main types that are most used nowadays in case you need professional infographic design services. They are:

  • Timelines: It arranges information on a specific timeline. This type of infographic design is best used for telling the birth story, or the history of something/some event, or a lifetime of a person.
  • Data visualization: It illustrates the research data or statistical data on a visualization way of presenting. This infographic design can be a chart, a graph, or the combination of all of them.
  • Anatomy: It offers a great way to demonstrate the inside of a complex thing, the operating principle of a process. Also, it can be used to break down the technical matter or to present the hidden elements of something. This type of infographic design is used to describe an engine, human body, or any matter that needs to be seen in detail.
  • How-To: Or Process infographic, is a step-by-step guide on how something works, or how to use something in an appropriate way.
  • Comparisons: This type of infographic design offers a helpful way to differentiate something from another in a creative, fun, memorable way of understanding.
  • Lists: It presents the ideas or information without following any specific order and is different from the timeline infographic or How-To type.
  • Maps: Or Geographic infographic, is made to visualize the information that go along with the geological locations on the map.

Things you need to prepare for your infographic designer

In order to make it easier, more convenient, time-saving, and more effective communicating between you and your freelance infographic designer, you better prepare all of these things beforehand:

  • The purpose of the design
  • All the needed related data, facts, or information
  • The target audience
  • The mood and tone
  • The main color scheme
  • the source of the information

Infographic design services at papmall®

Looking for someone that has experience in creating a beautiful infographic design is not easy, looking for a graphic designer that can both create an eye-catching design and effectively express your business’s own unique mood and tone is even harder. At papmall®, you can even find professional infographic design services near you to easily make face-to-face discussions with the freelancer for a thorough understanding of what needs to be done.

papmall® is a digital ecommerce platform that connects freelance designers and their clients in order to create the most outstanding and eye-catching creative piece of designs. With several supporting policies, papmall® has promise to assists in building and maintaining a strong and professional relationship between freelance designers and their clients. And be an ideal partner for any business.

papmall® was founded in 2019 as a digital e-commerce platform for sellers and buyers clients all over the world. Its mission is to become a fair, safe, and high-quality community of talented freelancers and agencies coming from all continents, backgrounds, skill sets, and experience levels. A community that will help in changing the way people connect and work with each other from across the globe.

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