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A brochure is a marketing tool to promote businesses, products, or services. An amazing brochure design as a way to communicate with your prospective customers. Brochures can help you capture your target audience's interest thanks to their incredibly attractive visual style.

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The importance of Brochure Design Services to every up-and-coming business

Branding is all about building an image in the minds of consumers, and brochure designing is by far one of the best ways for businesses to shape their portrayal and reveal it to the public gaze. The effect of a good brochure design can last in a customer’s mind longer than you realize, so it is crucial for your business to create the best brochure design for each of your marketing campaign.

1. Brochure design services and their importance to the success of a marketing campaign.

Brochures are an important marketing tactic for reaching out to existing clients as well as introducing your company to new ones. Brochure is an indispensable component of your branding strategy, along with your website, social media content, advertising, and other marketing activities. If you do it right, brochure designing can contribute a lot of unexpected benefits to your business:

  • You can easily and attractively spread your messages, share new ideas with brochures.

  • You can announce the launching of new products in a natural way with brochures.

  • You can improve the visual of your promotion with a beautiful brochure design.

  • You can make your customers know more about your business with a brochure.

  • You can build trust and get customers familiar with your products and services by constantly making them see your brochures wherever they go.

  • You can promote your business in a cost-effective way compared to billboards, TV advertisements, and other marketing methods.

  • You can generate a long-lasting impression of your business to customers by creating the best brochure design that they’ve ever seen, one so gorgeous that they can’t help but take it home and settle on their bookshelves as a piece of precious document.

With all that being said, brochure design services are no doubt necessary to your business’s branding strategy. So, what is considered a good brochure design, and how to get your brand an impressive brochure? Let’s move on to the next part of the article to get yourself some answers.

2. What is considered a good brochure design?

A good brochure design can tell a million stories about your brand as well as polish up your marketing message. Carrying on such an important mission, a brochure should include all of the below requirements to be considered good for your business:

  • Beautiful and high-resolution images.

Attractive pictures aren’t good enough to create the best brochure design for your business, your brochure needs to have the best quality possible for both digital and print editions in order to transparently clarify your images and clearly spread your message. According to some of the most popular brochure designing software on the internet like Adobe and Canva, there are 4 recommended sizes for any brochure design: 8.5 x 11 in, 8.5 x 14 in, 11 x 17 in, and 11 x 25.5 in. Choose any of these resolutions and your professional brochure design should give out high-resolution images.

  • Eye-catching color.

Color is one of the most important elements in brochure designing, it helps distinguish your brand from other competitors, build your brand image in the mind of consumers, and most importantly captivate your target audience in the pool of hundreds of ads they have to witness everyday. Beware that each color can affect your customers’ minds in a different way, for example, the color green usually represents the environment and is widely used for property brochure design and in the real estate industry, while blue is code for calmness and is preferred by social media services to create the calming and relaxing effect.

  • Attractive fonts.

Typography matters because it is an easy way to attract readers and keep them reading your content for a little while, the rest is up to whether your material is interesting or useful enough for them to stay and read the rest of your brochure. Different fonts can mean different things and convey different emotions. For instance, the professional, straight-up, and bold style is the most suitable for notice and attention signs since it immediately catches everyone's attention and tells them in hindsight that some important information is about to be announced. If you are creating a wedding menu or something that needs a little bit of creativity, then the italic and decorative fonts are your choice to show off your ingenuity.

  • Brand identity components.

The visual brand identity kit is a necessity for your brochure. In order to promote your brand, your company logo, brand color, default typography, product packaging, and other elements concerning the personality of your brand must be displayed on your brochure design. Whether you use in-house designers or freelance brochure designers, one of your brand specialists should accompany the brochure designing project to ensure everything in the finished product is aligned with your brand.

  • Contact information.

Needless to say, contact information is a must for every branding material, including brochures. How can your readers learn more about your company without it? In this digital era, social media is the perfect way to promote your brand. Therefore having your website and social account linked to your digital brochure is an effective method to redirect customers to your shopping site.

  • Bullet points.

Since there is not a lot of room to include all fancy words on one piece of paper, you should list out the important notes in a clear and straightforward manner. For example, promotion information should be short and transparent so your customers can grab the full idea of your advertising program.

  • Compelling phrases.

As clear and straightforward as your bullet points may be, you should always modify your words to create a hard-to-forget and compelling effect while your potential customers skim through your brochure. For instance, a property brochure design should include the location of your service as well as the target market of your company, and remark with some evocative words like “dream house” or “golden landmark”.

  • Short paragraphs.

Similar to the above, don’t forget the KISS rule, Keep It Short and Simple. The space on a brochure is limited, so a short paragraph is a good way for readers to capture an overall impression of your company and get a sense of your brand personality.

  • Call-to-action elements.

Eventually, your goal is to have people buy your products, so no matter the brochure design types you choose, remember to add a call-to-action “button” to state the purpose of your brochure design and ask your readers to either access your website, make a purchase, or participate in your campaign activity.

You can find many examples of brochure design on to compose the best brochure design for your business. Below is a list of different types of brochure design for you to get an idea of the brochure design types you should choose for your professional brochure design.

3. The different types of brochure design and their applications to almost every industry.

There are 7 main types of brochure design and format, depending on your organization's purpose, you can choose one of the following brochure design types for your business. The types of brochure design and format are decided by how you fold a brochure, each crease creates a different type of brochure design.

  • The Bi Fold or Single Fold or Half Fold

It comes with different names, but the Bi Fold only requires a single fold in the middle that divides the paper in half, which forms 4 pages front and back for the brochure design services designers to freely paint their ideas. It is the simplest and most used brochure design type. It is often used for greeting cards, price lists, and in the food industry for menus.

  • The Tri Fold or Letter Fold

This brochure type divides the paper into 3 equal parts and forms 6 pages, each one is a little bit smaller than the page of the Bi type. The advantage of this brochure design type is its transformability, it offers more room for freelance brochure designers to do their creative work and create the best brochure design possible. It is commonly used for property brochure design, product presentations, menus, and professional brochure design like company profiles.

  • The Z Fold

Similar to the Tri Fold, the Z Fold brochure design type divides the piece of paper into 6 pages, but each page is laid on top of the next one to make a Z-shaped outline. It gives a classy and creative look to your company’s marketing kit and is a great type of brochure design and format for professional brochure design such as sales materials, special offers, property brochure design, listings, quotations, and product presentations.

  • The Single Gate Fold

Like its name, this type of brochure design and format gives your advertisement a form of a window, consisting of 6 pages, where you can open the cover to get access to the main piece of information. It is best for product launching, heavy design work, and large presentations.

  • The Double Gate Fold

The only thing that makes Single Gate Fold and Double Gate Fold different types of brochure design is that the latter requires an extra fold in the middle of the central page, creating another 2 pages for its type, making it total pages come up to 8. It is one of the most visually appealing types of brochure design and format and is often used for property brochure design, infographics, and showcasing new products.

  • The Double Parallel Fold

This brochure design type contains 8 pages in total, once you make the Bi Fold type, you just need to fold the piece of paper one more time in the middle to create the Double Parallel Fold. This fold is a great professional brochure design for presentations, product listings, property brochure designs, house listings, and general information.

  • The Accordion Fold

The Accordion Fold is a little bit more complicated than the rest. It consists of 8 to 10 pages and is folded in a zigzag pattern to create a type of brochure design and format that looks like an accordion. This brochure design type has more panels so freelance brochure designers can easily work around it to create the best brochure design for tourism guides, maps, tutorials, and product listings.

The different types of brochure design create a fun and creative personality for your brand, so it is recommended that you use a different type of brochure design for each marketing campaign and activity to increase the diversity of your advertisements, evoke positive customers to learn more about your company, and mesmerize current consumers to stay loyal to your products.

4. Between professional brochure design and freelance brochure design, which one should you choose for your business?

Freelance brochure designers and professional graphic designers are both good options for your business. With professional graphic designers and brochure design services, you may have to pay extra to hire full-time staff for a short-term project. So if you intend to work on your brochure designing project for just a couple of days, consider using freelance brochure designers instead.

Freelance brochure design is a more competitive solution in many aspects. Freelance brochure designers are as professional as it gets, they can be designers who love to stay at home and work on multiple freelancing projects for many companies, and they can also be professional graphic designers who spend their after-hours taking on extra jobs to earn more expenses. Depending on their skills and experience, freelance brochure design price can be different for each freelancer. But no matter how freelance brochure design price can vary, brochure design price freelance tends to cost less as freelancers only charge for their brochure design services since unlike big companies they don’t have to worry about things such as travel expenses and management fees.

Nowadays as the internet develops, many things tend to get “borderless”, including the brochure design services industry. Many freelance brochure designers are selling their services globally and they are up for cross-border transactions using international marketplaces like However, if you still want to use nearby freelancers to avoid time zone differences and language barriers, you can go on, save your country address information, and search for “brochure designers near me”, or “brochure design near me” to look for brochure design services within the range of your country.

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