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A brand style guide is a rulebook that outlines the proper ways for a company to promote itself to the public, including its logo, font and color selections, photography, and other components. It ensures consistency in how a brand looks, feels, and sounds, in other words, by acting as a guide on communicating consistently across all teams and channels.

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Brand Style Guides FAQs

Brand style guides made simple - What they are and why they matter

Brand style guides made simple - What they are and why they matter

Want to get out of a rut? It is time to take your business up a notch with a template that outlines brand style guides for typography, logo usage, and more. From a host of benefits to elements of a style guide, papmall® got your back, no matter what aspect of the brand communications style guide you want to grasp.

  1. Get to know about brand style guides

A brand style guide is a manual that outlines how a company should promote itself to the public, including logo, font, color choices, photography, and other design elements. It ensures consistency in your visual presence, which is critical to success.

Need a starting point? Then keep on reading to dip your toe in the brand style world!

  1. Understand the benefits brand style guides bring to your business.

  • Personality: Define and protect your brand personality so that it can stand out in a crowd.
  • Recognition: Help to build market recognition for your brand and offer clear communication from end to end.
  • Value: Companies with a strong brand identity are perceived to hold more value than those that have yet to find their niche.
  • Engagement: Customers will recognize your brand for its quality and integrity, which will increase new acquisitions.
  • Brand voice: A corporate design style guide will help you keep the tone of your communication and messages consistent.
  1. Main characteristics of brand style guides

  • Accessible

Employees from all levels of your organization need to know the brand personality inside out, which only happens when brand style guides are put out into the world to keep everyone on the same page regarding corporate identity.

Plus, the ease of access to brand style guidelines will help to reinforce inclusivity as a core value and shows your efforts to overcome organizational resistance to accessibility.

As you progress, you may need to decide whether to publicize or internally circulate your brand identity. When people can obtain the style guide with a single click, they will know what to tell others about the brand, but it can also break your business as you can lose the whole concept to a bigger fish in the sea.

  • Consistent

People come and go, but brand style guides should be here to stay. If every employee adheres to brand guidelines, everything newly created to elaborate on those released in the past will keep your brand alive in the hearts and minds of customers.

At some point, your team will be bored of the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colors, and images. It is essential to let them understand although they may have seen the company logo a million times, your potential customer is only starting to notice it.

If consistency is easy to be archived, everyone will nail it, so help your team see that the more consistency cultivated, the more weight your brand will carry over time.

  • Intentional

While brand style guidelines should be put in front of more eyeballs, keep in mind that your primary objective is prospective customers - the people who make purchase decisions.

Leave rooms in your style guide to remind everyone of the powerful connection between your brand, your solution, and your customer. This intentionality will quiet many voices and improve your focus on the main thing.

When employees see where the company is coming from, they will have a higher purpose, even a growing passion for living the brand vision.

  • Flexible

There is much-unexpected importance of versatility following the pandemic outbreak. It is now more than ever necessary to allow for some flexibility in the way we devise a branding and style guide.

To avoid falling through the cracks during turbulent times, you should have multiple ways to express your brand under your belt to accommodate a variety of challenges.

When considering your brand voice guidelines, it is advisable to use guiding principles in opposition to specific words.

If your brand guidelines can adapt to unexpected changes quickly, your team is more likely to stick to them over time because they won't have to be broken to meet a new set of criteria.

  • Scalable

Your brand will continue growing as your business matures, and for this reason, corporate identity is not a one-and-done effort. If you hire an agency, make sure they produce brand style guides that can be adapted to meet greater needs in the future.

Make a habit of auditing, assessing, updating, and adding to your guidelines on a quarterly or annual basis. And as the use cases, people, and problems you encounter change over time, it is important to review your brand identity every two or three years.

  1. Elements of a style guide - What is included in brand style guides services

  • Brand mission and core values. How you want consumers to see your brand in the future: for instance, papmall®’s pillars are integrity, tenacity, and commitment.
  • Tone of voice. How do you express your personality: are you genuine, youthful, professional, creative, motivating, familiar? Which form of address do you prefer, especially in languages that distinguish between formal and informal?.
  • Terminology. As a brand, you prefer certain words over others, and there are some that are not your cup of tea.
  • Grammar and syntax. Do you prefer short sentences or longer ones, do you want contractions, should numbers be spelled out, do you use acronyms or not, shall you ban exclamation marks?
  • Visual identity, i.e. typography, logos, color palette, graphics, layouts, imagery, physical assets, etc.
  • Hands-on applications. Some features may be highlighted more than others depending on the audience (internal/external) and the medium (print, digital, social, video).
  1. Why should you hire a brand style guides designer?

  • A brand designer helps you identify your ideal client

Each brand designer has a razor-sharp understanding of a niche that is also your target. Because of that, they know your ideal customer like the back of their hand and will work with you to create an outstanding brand identity guide.

  • A brand designer uses a strategic creative process to create your visual branding

When you work with a brand designer, they will create brand style guides with careful thought based on what they have discovered about your business. This includes combining various colors, fonts, and symbols to achieve the desired result.

  • A brand designer know all elements of a style guide

You now understand that branding is much more than a well-designed logo and website. If the color scheme does not correspond to the brand essence, people tend to misunderstand brand symbols, resulting in a drop in conversions.

That is why you should hire a professional designer familiar with existing major brands to bridge the gap between your brand identity and how customers perceive it.

  1. Things businesses should prepare before hiring a brand style guides designer

Below are three main factors to keep in mind before collaborating with a designer:

  • Money. The general consent is that you get what you pay. Creating a style guide for a company is time-intensive. Any great designer would demand a fair wage for the effort they put in.
  • Ownership. Inquire about ownership of any visuals used in the design and the finished product. If you want unlimited use of a photograph, notify the creator so that they can obtain exclusive graphics rights. Prepare a written contract that grants you ownership of the end products.
  • Market. A designer who has previously worked with companies in your industry fits the mold perfectly because they are already familiar with your market.
  1. Build your brand style guides with papmall®!

papmall® is an e-commerce marketplace to connect and exchange values between online sellers and buyer communities. As a freelancer platform, papmall® offers free and paid services in all fields, such as Digital Marketing, Programming & Tech, Translation & Writing, etc., and, of course, Brand Style Guides, to make your brand more recognizable with a bespoke corporate design style guide. Connect with our freelancer community to cement your brand identity today!

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