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Top 10 list of venture capital firms in the world

By papmall® 31 October 2022

Top 10 list of venture capital firms in the world

By papmall® 31 October 2022

The development of technology has been greatly aided by venture capital, which has funded start-ups and other creative endeavors. A venture capital (VC) firm makes one investment for each potential exit. The venture capital (VC) company, however, is a net acquirer if the investment-to-exit ratio is larger than that.

Papmall® will offer a thorough review of the top 10 venture capital firms worldwide. The top 10 venture capitalists in the world for 2022 are listed here in no particular order.

The best venture capital firms in the world

The best venture capital firms in the world

What Is Venture Capital (VC)?

Venture capital (VC) is a sort of private equity and financing provided by investors to start-up enterprises and small businesses with the potential for long-term growth. The majority of venture capital is often provided by wealthy individuals, investment banks, and other financial organizations.

However, it is not always in the form of money; it can also come in the form of managerial or technological know-how. Venture capital is often given to startups with outstanding growth potential or to businesses that have had rapid growth and seem well-positioned to keep growing.

For investors that put money up, it can be dangerous, but the prospect for above-average profits is a tempting reward. Venture capital is gradually becoming a popular—even necessary—source for obtaining funds for new businesses or projects with a brief working history (under two years), especially if they do not have access to capital markets, bank loans, or other debt instruments. The biggest drawback is that investors typically receive shares in the business and consequently a voice in corporate decisions.


  • Funding for businesses and entrepreneurs is known as venture capital finance. Although it frequently involves early and seed round funding, it can be given at various phases of their development.
  • The majority of the time, accredited investors are the only ones who can access venture capital funds, which oversee pooled investments in high-growth possibilities in startups and other early-stage businesses.
  • Venture capital has developed from a specialized activity after the end of World War II into a sophisticated business with several participants that play a significant role in fostering innovation.

Top 10 list of venture capital firms

Top 10 list of venture capital firms

What is the history of venture capital and the structure of venture capital?

History of venture capital

In the middle of the 20th century, the first venture capital firms emerged in the United States. Georges Doriot, a Frenchman who immigrated to the United States to pursue a business degree, worked at an investment firm and later became an instructor at Harvard's business school. He later founded American Research and Development Corporation (ARDC), which was the first venture capital business to be listed on a stock exchange, in 1946.

After the Investment Act of 1958, financial startups started to resemble the venture capital business of today. The statute allowed the Small Business Association, which had been founded five years earlier, to grant licenses to small business investment corporations.

The standards of practice employed today were also established by private equity firms in that area and at that time, who set up limited partnerships to hold assets in which experts would serve as general partners and those providing the cash would serve as passive partners with less power. The National Venture Capital Association was established in 1973 as a result of the subsequent decade's rise in the number of independent venture capital businesses.

Since then, venture capital has developed into a $100 billion business, with record-breaking investments of $330 billion in 2021.

Currently, well-known venture capitalists include Peter Fenton, an early investor in Twitter (TWTR), Jim Breyer, a co-founder of PayPal, and Peter Thiel, a former investor in Facebook (META), now Meta.

The history of venture capital and the structure of venture capital

The history of venture capital and the structure of venture capital

The structure of venture capital

Venture capital businesses frequently take the form of a partnership between two companies. By entering into a VC agreement, a startup is essentially selling a stake in the company to a potential investor or investors. The fund's general partners are at the top and have the most influence on investing and operational choices. Some venture capitalists are also set up as limited liability companies (LLCs).

Resources are frequently determined by the number of investors. Greater VC firms typically have more funding and are able to invest in more or bigger businesses. VCs with fewer investors might only have a small amount of money on hand. The most prevalent types of investors are:

  • A sizable group of investors: When there are a sizable number of investors, their funds are aggregated, allowing them to choose the sectors or companies they want to deal with. It's possible that certain investors are more involved than others in the daily operations of the brand.
  • A few important investors: Smaller VC groups typically have greater hands-on involvement in the companies they invest in. Fewer investors typically mean that funds are more restricted, allowing the organization to be pickier.
  • A single angel investor: makes an investment in a new company in exchange for shares in the company.

Most of the time, the Venture Capital (VC) keeps a majority active ownership of the company and its rights to safeguard its interests. To have more control over crucial business decisions, they may take away the right to a majority vote and appoint a representative of the VC company to the board. The majority of venture capitalists also possess veto power, giving them complete influence over both important and daily business decisions.

Top 10 venture capital firms in the world

The top ten venture capital firms in the world will be objectively ranked for 2022 based on their investment-to-exit ratio.

1. GV Ventures, with a 23.86% investment-to-exit ratio.

  • The venture capital division of Google's parent firm, Alphabet Inc., is called GV Ventures. Bill Marris established GV Ventures in 2009 under the name Google Ventures.
  • GV Ventures is in charge of more than 8 billion dollars worth of assets, including more than 300 active enterprises. It should come as no surprise that the organization has managed over 168 mergers and acquisitions and around 48 IPOs.
  • Uber, Medium, Slack, GitLab, Cloudera, and many other companies are among those that have received sizable investments from GV Ventures.
  • According to Crunchbase statistics, as of December 2021, GV ventures had participated in over 918 investments. Additionally, the reports revealed that GV Ventures asserts 219 successful exits.

2. Bessemer Venture Partners, with a 22.92% investment-to-exit ratio.

  • On the list of the top 10 best venture capital companies worldwide for 2022, Bessemer Venture Partners comes in at number two. International business Bessemer Venture Partners was established in the United States of America as a family office.
  • Popular tech businesses like Bumble, Yelp, LinkedIn, Shopify, Twitch, and many others have received funding from Bessemer Venture Partners. The Silicon Valley firm is in charge of managing assets worth over $10 billion.
  • Truebill's Series B financing was headed by Bessemer Venture in 2020, and Rocket Companies later bought the app for $1.275 billion.

3. Insight Partners, with a 22.68% investment-to-exit ratio.

  • Another private equity company in the top 10 venture capital firms list for 2022 is Insight Partners. In 1995, Jerry Murdock and Jeff Horing launched Insight Partners. The business is headquartered in New York City.
  • Pluralsight, Shopify, DeliveryHero, Salesloft, Smartsheet, and other companies have received funding from Insight Partners.
  • Over $30 billion has been invested in businesses through venture capital. Additionally, insight partners show interest in 200 portfolio acquisitions and over 400 primary investments.
  • Insight Partners has roughly 779 investments and reports about 176 exits, according to Crunchbase .

The largest venture capital firms around the world

The largest venture capital firms around the world

4. Index Ventures, with a 21.91% investment-to-exit ratio.

  • Index Ventures is ranked number four among the top 10 venture capital firms worldwide. A significant venture capital firm with European roots is Index Ventures.
  • After being founded in 1996, Index Ventures has expanded and now has offices in both London and San Francisco.
  • Index Ventures concentrated on the e-commerce, fintech, gaming, and security markets. The company's portfolio includes a sizable number of start-ups and established businesses including Facebook, Dropbox, CodeAcademy, and others.
  • Companies have also added certain firms to their portfolio, resulting in 220 exits from over 1004 investments that were successful.

5. Sequoia Capital: Investment to Exit Ratio - 21.28%

  • In the venture capital industry since 1972, Sequoia Capital is an American private equity company.
  • Sequoia Capital was one of the pioneering investors in many of today's top Silicon Valley companies. Instagram, Youtube, Google, Zoom, Apple, Paypal, and Whatsapp were among the early companies in which Sequoia Capital invested.
  • The aggregate stock worth of a few of the corporations on the above list is roughly 3.3 trillion. In December 2021, Sequoia Capital made more than 1605 investments, according to Crunchbase.
  • According to a recent CNBC story, Sequoia Capital is one of the American venture capital firms that is having trouble filling leadership positions in their European subsidiaries.

6. Accel: Investment-to-Exit Ratio - 19.77%

  • Accel is an American venture capital firm that makes investments in early-stage and late-stage businesses. Accel was started as Accel Partners in 1983.
  • Numerous profitable businesses today, including Facebook, have received venture funding from Accel. In addition, Accel has participated in over 8 high-value IPOs.
  • Additionally, Accel was a component in Braintree, Jet, and Krux, all of which were bought up by illustrious businesses like Paypal, Walmart, and Salesforce, respectively.

7. Investment to Exit Ratio: 18.79% for Lightspeed Venture Partners

One of the top 10 venture capital firms in the world for 2022 is Lightspeed Venture Partners. On the list above, Lightspeed Venture is ranked seventh.

An American business called Light Speed Venture Partners has locations in Silicon Valley, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, India, and Isreal.

In the midst of the COVID-19 startup landscape-shaking coronavirus epidemic in April 2020, Lightspeed Venture Partners raised $4 Billion.

Top venture capital firms in the world

Top venture capital firms in the world

8. General Catalyst | Investment to Exit Ratio: 16.82%

  • An American venture capital firm called General Catalyst was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2000. As a private equity company, General Catalyst is particularly interested in early and growth-stage businesses.
  • According to a recent update on Crunchbase, the organization has made over 1005 investments since its founding and has exited successfully from approximately 169 investments as of January 3, 2022.
  • BBN Technologies, Bionx, Big Fish, Big-Commerce, Anaconda, Hubspot, Airbnb, and more businesses were included in General Catalyst's portfolio.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported in August 2021 that HCA Healthcare and General Catalyst have agreed to collaborate to bring digital innovation to the healthcare industry.

9. Andreessen Horowitz: Investment to Exit Ratio - 16.71%

  • In 2022, Andreessen Horowitz (AH) Capital Management will rank as the ninth-best venture capital company.
  • In the fields of e-commerce, cloud computing, social media, gaming, and cryptocurrencies, AH invests in both new and established businesses.
  • In 2011, AH spread its investments among a number of prominent startups, including Facebook, Okta, Stripe, and Foursquare, investing 80 million USD in Twitter.
  • Before Microsoft paid a record $8.6 billion to acquire Skype, the company's early investment in the service was viewed as a hazardous one.
  • As of August 2021, AH was in charge of managing roughly 18.8 billion.

10. GGV Capital: investment to exit Ratio - 15.14%

  • GGV Capital is ranked as the world's 10th best venture capital firm on the list of the top 10 venture capital firms for 2022.
  • GGV Capital was established in 2000 and has offices in both Singapore and the US. GGV Capital is managed by six partners and a group of investment experts.
  • GGV has made over 780 investments in businesses throughout the United States, Latin America, Israel, Southeast Asia, China, and India.
  • According to TechCrunch , GGV Capital is close to securing new $2.52 billion commitment funding. Additionally, the company raised $366 million for an opportunity fund. Additionally, GGV was able to secure $610 million for its founders' fund and an extra $80 million for its discovery fund.
  • The company's Assets Under Management position now stands at $9.2 billion across 17 funds thanks to the aforementioned commitment and recent advancements.

Top list of venture capital firms

Top list of venture capital firms

In conclusion

The article employs an objective criterion that is anticipated to vary over time to rank the top 10 venture capital companies in the globe.

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