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"The vitalness of feedback in work"

By papmall® 14 November 2022

"The vitalness of feedback in work"

By papmall® 14 November 2022

When you start your work, you may be good at something, and bad at something. Imagine when you spend a lot of time finishing a task and then other members look at it and tell you that “You may need to fix this and that”. At first, I’m quite uncomfortable about this situation but I have realized that receiving feedback enhances the quality of my work.

Bill Gates said that “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”. This quote affects my perception. I am taking into consideration what people give feedback and brainstorm whereas it can be better in some ways. I ask them questions like how can I fix this? Can you give me a piece of advice?. After 3 months of changing my point of view, I can not only see the improvement in my performance but also build up better connections with my team members.

Feedback is truly a crucial skill in various industries which develops the performance and professionalism of each member of the team. This skill includes giving helpful feedback and a way of receiving feedback in order to enhance performance.

I share this story with the purpose of telling you guys to be more appreciative when receiving or giving feedback from others to develop your work, build up relationships with others as well as inspire other people.

Thank you papmall® team for offering me the opportunity of developing myself in my career path. I would like to collaborate with team members to bring more value to papmall®.



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