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"The new journey at papmall®"

By papmall® 14 November 2022

"The new journey at papmall®"

By papmall® 14 November 2022

To begin with, I am James, a new member of the papmall® team. I just started working here 2 months ago and I am very interested in the people and the scope of work here. At first, some tasks are quite difficult for me such as SEO articles and newspaper articles because writing skill is not my strength. However, with the support of members by sharing previous experience and product knowledge, I have gained more confidence in writing tasks.

Secondly, I am in charge of building up a new social page which is truly interesting. I have a chance to work with designers to create posts, videos, and posters as well as collaborate with other departments such as Technical, SEO, and Media to optimize social content. Team members provide me with new ideas, and perceptions to approach readers more effectively as well as new pages for finding inspiration such as Pexels, Pinterest, etc.

The TikTok project is one of my favorite projects because I can learn editing skills. Vincent, a senior member, helped me in brainstorming ideas, executing clips as well as adding video effects. My first video did not have a lot of views, but with the support of teammates, my following clips reached out to more audiences which made me happy.

Everything just started and I am ready to face any challenges at papmall®. The working environment here is supportive and professional which enables the potential of employees. The company also organizes various activities for staff to enjoy during working hours. I am so excited about the upcoming events.



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