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The latest launch of papmall® - A new eCommerce marketplace platform for international sellers

By papmall® 28 July 2022

The latest launch of papmall® - A new eCommerce marketplace platform for international sellers

By papmall® 28 July 2022

papmall® announced the launch of an eCommerce marketplace platform to support online sellers and buyers communities across the world to connect together and exchange values. The platform is supposed to be the most technologically advanced assistant for your online business and freelancing work

papmall®: a new eCommerce marketplace platform for SMEs, Startups, and freelancers

In June 2019, papmall® established as a global e-Commerce marketplace platform in order to meet the merchant service needs of online sellers who operate businesses in digital products and software as well as outsourcing services, mainly freelancers and SME agencies.

The platform has advanced technology that can help the global business community in safety and compliance, especially in online payments and product verification. papmall® assists merchants to customize their own store on its platform, which is redirected from the merchant's website.

Please follow this guide to become a seller on papmall® eCommerce marketplace platform today.

The latest launch of papmall® - A new eCommerce marketplace platform for international sellers

The papmall® eCommerce marketplace platform: Expectations of sellers

papmall® is embracing a new role in providing a new solution for the majority of businesses today by serving as a tool for independent freelancers, SMEs, and Startups.

  • Reduce startup expenses for sellers when they sign up to build a store on the papmall® e-Commerce marketplace platform (such as rent, setup, maintenance, and marketing fees).

  • Offer a variety of safe payment options makes it simple for sellers to collect payments at any time and from any location.

  • Give free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid ad support to sellers without any prior knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and help them rank highly on the marketplace.

  • The research and development team at papmall® assists sellers in increasing sales efficiency through customer insights research, UI/UX optimization to improve user experience, and form-based sales assistan

  • When conducting business on papmall®, sellers may feel confident and protect their reputation by managing and minimizing fraud risk.

  • Reaching targeted customers more readily means assisting sellers to make it simple for them to sell their goods (such as digital goods) in the niche market.

  • Open a business on papmall® increases the prestige of new vendors and they receive online sales training from a group of subject matter experts.

  • With papmall®'s order processing and compensation for sellers, they can automate the online sales process.

The role and vision of papmall® eCommerce marketplace platform in the future

A lively and energetic e-commerce atmosphere is what papmall® aims to build. papmall® will take on a prominent role by 2025 by becoming the top B2C & B2B eCommerce marketplace platform in the service-providing industry for global markets.

Knowing and understanding that point, CEO Anh Hung Le - Jimmy Lee once commented: “At papmall®, we want to focus on creating more innovative and powerful ways for businesses. To those who tend to join the global e-commerce markets, not only domestic fields, papmall® is here to make all the impossibles become possible

In the near future, like other competitors namely Amazon and Fiverr, papmall® expect to grow our ecommerce platform model and expand delivery locations in addition to integrating the BNPL (Buy now, pay later) as well as crypto currency and e-wallets payment features. Moreover, papmall® wants to create customisable apps for sellers and buyers to optimize their purchasing experiences.


papmall® Team

papmall® - an international e-commerce platform that not only provides online shoppers a simple, secure, and enjoyable online shopping experience but also plays as a solution for global vendors to optimize sales revenue.

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