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The end to start a new journey

By papmall® 06 January 2023

The end to start a new journey

By papmall® 06 January 2023

November 15th, 2022 was the day that papmall® members definitely be emotional in different ways. Some teammates were sorrowful for feeling lost, but some were cheerful for their members to advance in a new stage of life, because Mr. Nick, who is known as our Manager, decided to travel abroad to experience as well as labor. 

We knew that breaking up was never easy, especially with someone we knew and considered a family member. However, instead of being bitter, we perceived it from another perspective, we were determined to organize a small farewell party with Mr. Nick. Everybody played a crucial role in this event. We collaborated to celebrate this carefully. Josie prepared beverages, Annie wrote thank you letters, Vincent practiced a thankful speech, and Willow and James ordered cupcakes. 

Over 6 months working here, Mr. Nick helped me a lot in both work and life. He showed me a variety of industrial knowledge in Marketing and also taught me life lessons on how to overcome challenges and maintain positive thinking. Moreover, He acknowledged to me different life perspectives such as the practical side and spiritual side to explore the best version of myself. To me, Mr. Nick was similar to a big brother who always supported me and the other members. 

He made a decision to travel abroad so as to develop his career and life experience. To be honest, my feeling was difficult to describe by words because of his decision but I and the team wished him that he could achieve his goals as well as always be joyful, optimistic, and prosperous.


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