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Subdomain in online industry - Seller in papmall® can create the subdomain services in PAP

By papmall® 14 November 2022

Subdomain in online industry - Seller in papmall® can create the subdomain services in PAP

By papmall® 14 November 2022

The subdomain is one of the methods for pushing website traffic. In many years since its rise to prominence till now, a subdomain method can not be changed although the algorithms of Facebook or Google have changed constantly. So what is the subdomain? And How it works will be defined in this article.

  1. Subdomain Definition?

A subdomain is an extension of a domain name. The subdomain can be created completely free and it can act like a real domain name. Subdomain (or sub-domain) was born to solve the cost of domain name registration as well as help you create many websites on different areas of the main domain.


  1. Why we should use a subdomain for the domain?

Why we should use a subdomain for the domain?

(Why we should use a subdomain for the domain?)

The introduction of subdomains is an extremely useful key for the needs of businesses in general and administrators in particular. If there is no subdomain, we will face a lot of difficulties in accomplishing the following purposes:

  • Create a separate website for a certain audience:

Subdomains are especially useful when your business wants to create a place full of information to serve a specific group of customers, with the right language and content. For example, your company wants to create a number of separate websites selling baby products, and a separate website selling maternity clothes because they have too many products on one website, making it possible for interested customers to see them all.

  • Separate your blog or e-commerce site from your main website:

Using subdomains to divide modules inherent in the main website into independent websites is not uncommon. For a multi-industry business, separating them is beneficial to scale.

For example, your business deals in many online services such as Logo design, Edit Video, Web Develop, Voice recording, etc. you should develop a blog channel for each product group but it is difficult to divide them into just one module. Therefore, you can separate them into another website using subdomains.

Sometimes it's much easier to manage multiple independent websites than to maintain a multipurpose website.

  • Create a website specifically for the mobile interface:

Using subdomains for mobile interfaces is not new, but is no longer commonly used. Because today's websites are designed with Responsive standards and mobile standards. Therefore, creating a mobile website design subdomain is often used for non-mobile websites. When a user visits the website, the website determines the size of the device and provides a layout that matches that size.

For example, a user accessing the website using a PC will return the address but the phone accessing the same address will lead to a subdomain with the domain name

  • Cost Saving:

Subdomain is a free tool. You can create many new websites as subdomains without having to register domain names for them. This form is very economical and brings high efficiency. Moreover, you can directly use the designs of the website managed by the subdomain similar to the designs of the main website without worrying about them being duplicated due to consistency. This saves you some money to spend on

  1. Subdomain impact on SEO

Subdomain impact on SEO

(Subdomain impact on SEO)

Previously, Domain and Subdomain were handled by Google separately. Google considers these two independent, different websites. Therefore, the SEO administrator will take advantage of this to increase the ranking of 2 websites at the same time.

However, with the increasingly intelligent change of the Google algorithm, Domain and Subdomain is now classified as more and more similar. This leads to a direct impact on the main domain. Therefore, the more subdomains there are, the more influence it will have on website rankings. This can be seen that, when you search for a keyword, the results displayed from the main domain name never appear more.

Subdomains are a useful tool for SEOs. They are free and offer many practical benefits. Even so, you should not abuse too many Subdomains from one main domain. They only maximize their effectiveness when you use them for the right purposes.

  1. What are the subdomain examples?

  1. E-commerce

Businesses frequently decide to develop a distinct site design to handle transactions due to the complexity of online stores also call subdomains. This distinction enables online companies to provide various functions than what is required for or offered by the primary site. Users can buy games for their consoles on a platform like the subdomain, for instance.

  1. Mobile

Online platforms require multiple interfaces for websites to work well on mobile devices. Online firms often host their mobile websites under a dedicated subdomain. For example, Facebook has created a separate interface for its mobile users under The company has shaped the layout to match

  1. Location

Some online companies have used subdomains to partition their websites. For instance, Yahoo curates news pertaining to the UK using and the US using

  1. Audience

Businesses can use subdomains to build distinctive websites that target particular audiences and, if necessary, password-protect them.

What are the subdomain examples?

(What are the subdomain examples?)

  1. Blog

You might think about placing your blog on a subdomain because blogs frequently target topics and keywords that are not immediately related to the rest of the main website.

  1. Support

Subdomain owners can develop a specialized help platform under a subdomain when Frequently Asked Questions pages fall short of fully addressing all queries from users. This company can make the platform simple to use and more search engine friendly.

  1. Content

Some content and publications need to use a subdomain to deliver the message to the right audiences that the business expects. The separation of content allows brands to have authority with their PR ads on the website and can target key customers.

  1. We accept seller-providing subdomain services for our sellers.

We accept seller-providing subdomain services for our sellers.

(We accept seller-providing subdomain services for our sellers.)

Right at the papmall® platform, we enable online service provision activities for businesses. In addition, buyers at papmall® can find sellers who can provide domains and assist in creating subdomains related to the business. Some categories you need to look through before:

  • Web Design.
  • Web Development.
  • WordPress Blog.
  1. Conclusion

Creating a Subdomain for a website is an effective method for businesses selling online with many different purposes, such as a geographical subdomain, or a subdomain used to lead customers to your sales website. Subdomains also play a very important role in the main website's SEO. Despite going through many stages of digital transformation, in the end, subdomains seem to be an outdated way.



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