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Secret handbook to push up profits online and offline retail

23 August 2022 By papmall®

Beginning of 2020, e-commerce retail sales increased by 29.1%. It allows retail companies to modify their tactics and adopt a hybrid strategy combining online and offline retail efforts to meet customers where they are and create a seamless experience across every touchpoint.

Therefore, most offline shops and online shops having financial resources will be willing to pay a large investment for creating Physical stores and also Online shops. The following are some expensive strategies when combining these two forms together, and depending on the purpose of each business, these two forms combined will bring a lot of benefits to the business.


(Online and Offline Retail)

Fulfillment of Online and Offline Retail

This approach is the most popular today, and has been researched with customer insights: Most shoppers have concerns when ordering from an Online Store that doesn't match the model, is not of good quality, or may not be suitable. when customers order online they will hardly have a chance to get a refund and this wastes the time and money of customers.

Therefore, businesses have completed online and offline retail stores to create trust and increase customer friendliness.

Trending: Using a website to bring customers to your store - O2O Strategy
Some businesses attract their customers through the interface and product information of the website and transfer them from online customers to offline customers. At that time the stores were successful in changing customer behavior.

1. Offline retailers examples Fashion retail H&M brings the customer from their website to an offline shop for choosing the right size.

2. BigCommerce merchant Lammes Candies recently promoted chocolate-covered strawberries where customers could order from the pre-sale online and schedule pick up in-store.

O2O now is trending - What is O2O and Why is O2O?

O2O stands for Online to Offline. That is the way the business model moves from offline ( Offline shop) to online (Online Shop, Online Store).

Online Shops will research and attract potential customers through online channels. Help customers know about brands and products and motivate them to buy online or offline.

An online-to-offline commerce organization can also use the following strategies:

  • Pickup of merchandise purchased online or through a mobile app.
  • Enabling online order placement from an online store for customers.
  • Allowing customers to return online-purchased items to offline stores.
  • Putting in a portable retail kiosk, like a help desk inside a business.

Online and Offline Retail need E-commerce

The next step in mixing online and offline retail is to create an E-commerce store. This is another type of Online shop that is based on some E-commerce platform, it seems easy to think of the business working with a third party.

E-Commerce platforms look like online shops created by third parties to lead customers to business websites or offline shops and create a flow of potential customers to make purchasing decisions in any aspect.

Trending: Some businesses use the Omnichannel strategy to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Example: Some Online and Offline Retailers use the Alibaba E-commerce platform to promote their products such as Electric Accessories, Fashion…From this E-commerce platform, buyers can link to the seller's profile and website, social media… In this case, the channels were mixed and brings the customer to your


(Online and Offline Retail)

Bring the Customer Experience to go through Online and Offline Retail

First and most useful for online and offline retail is live streaming, which can be connected with e-commerce websites and social media applications such as Facebook Live Shopping and TikTok are trending live stream now, and also enable consumers to examine the items in detail and get their questions answered in real-time, whether they are shopping online or in person.

Online and Offline Retail can create customer experiences in many different ways, not just live streaming being the only way. Online and Offline Retail can use the way of posting product information including size, and material, and taking actual pictures will provide a better shopping experience.

Trending: Using Tiktok shop to attract customers by bringing offline shopping experience to online shopping experience.

Example: Ralphlauren uses Tiktok to promote their designs and get virtual experiences for online shoppers or Crocs uses trending on TikTok to attract the young generation by KOL, and dancers. So that both Ralphlauren and Crocs create the emotion of buyers about the products and gain sales quickly.

Update marketing trends regularly

When mixing sales channels, marketing trends will also change. And if the ways of offline advertising often have few models, and standards rarely change, online marketing is changing quickly.

Many online marketing methods, standards, and trends were born and then replaced. Leveraging technology, algorithms, and artificial intelligence AI, sellers are getting better at understanding the target customers. Thereby reaching them more skillfully and enticing them to buy your products.

Build An Omnichannel Strategy in Online and Offline Retail To Deliver A Seamless Shopping Experience

Long-term success now depends on Online and Offline Retailers’ ability to leverage current trends and focus on the omnichannel customer journey to deliver a seamless hybrid shopping experience across all touchpoints.

Some opinions said that online shopping is better than offline shopping or offline shopping is better than online shopping, it’s just based on which experience makes the customers feel better. Online shopping and Offline shopping can be mixed together to bring the customer experience better.


Building Online and Offline Retail will take more time and effort. Business nowadays become the field for who having more channels and put in a lot of gray matter in attracting customers

Customers can come to your business everywhere, and more customers have more channels because of the work of mouth marketing. So mixing online offline shopping now is the most popular trend.



papmall® Team

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