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7 Keys online marketing techniques to improve your online store & operations

By papmall® 23 August 2022

7 Keys online marketing techniques to improve your online store & operations

By papmall® 23 August 2022

Over the past ten years, internet usage—on computers and mobile devices—has grown exponentially. Users have increasingly turned to their electronic gadgets as a window into the outside world in recent months, giving businesses a rare chance. Running some Online marketing techniques for your store can be hard work, luckily for online store owners, various tools of Online marketing techniques are being made every day to make this workload a lot easier. Here are some of the most Online marketing techniques you can make your store a lot easier to manage.

What are online marketing techniques?

Online marketing techniques are a wide range of technology and marketing strategies utilized to connect with online customers. It has transformed the marketing sector as a type of internet marketing that enables businesses to create a brand identity.

The application of Online marketing techniques in business, brings many benefits and optimizes the time and costs for individuals and businesses. However, before coming up with an Online Marketing strategy to promote the products, services, and brands of your business, you need to understand the types, nature, and benefits of the customers. From there, give consideration and choose the appropriate type based on the current resources of the business (including human resources, economic resources, ...) as well as the behavior, habits, and preferences of the target customers and other issues.

6 keys Online Marketing Techniques

7 Keys Online Marketing Techniques to Improve Your Online Store & Operations

(Online marketing techniques)

  1. 1.Content Marketing:

Content marketing is one of the strong marketing techniques for online businesses. This type of online marketing technique will bring out the content that customers want to hear, helping you easily connect customers with your brand in the most intimate, sympathetic, and trusting way. Remember the quote “Content is a King”, content comes from every platform with some specific content skill such as content writing, copywriting, web content, and media content. Businesses such as SMEs, and Start-ups have never underestimated these internet marketing methods.

  1. 2.Social Media Marketing

The second online marketing technique is social media marketing. The perfect place to promote valuable content to potential customers, social media marketing is closely linked with content marketing (as discussed above). Social media marketing is divided into two groups: free and paid.

  • Organic Social Media Marketing (Free): This online marketing technique to attract customers mainly focuses on improving as well as increasing the relationship with the target customers in the most natural way through caring, and sharing by building a community. This will help customers be less wary of advertisements, and increase the interactivity of the post. From there, your subsequent introductions about your address, brand, and skills will be easier for them to accept.
  • Paid Social Media Marketing (Paid): This online marketing technique to attract customers is paid a marketing fee for social networking platforms to prioritize displaying content as well as being able to precisely target the audiences that businesses target. The goal of this form can be to attract target customers, increase brand awareness, promote and "offer" products and services, and collect customer data.
  1. 3.Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing search engines in online marketing techniques. This tool allows buyers to search for information, images, addresses, and videos ... about a product, service, or a certain field that they are interested in through query keywords. The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract and increase traffic to your website, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of brand recognition and sales. This online marketing method is divided into two groups:

  • SEO On-page: There are some online marketing tools and techniques that set up a website for compatible with access devices, improve the page loading speed of the website, set the target keyword set, optimize the content structure in the website, optimize the title and description tags, optimize internal links in articles.
  • SEO Off-page:

With Off-page SEO online marketing technique, you will have to create external links (also known as backlinks) of other websites to your website. The purpose is to give a good signal about your website to Google. You need to consider where to put your backlinks, instead of having 10 backlinks on unreliable websites, you only need 1 backlink at another reputable website such as Forbes, CNBC, Businesswire…

  1. 4. Affiliate Marketing:

The model of this online marketing technique is almost the same as the online collaborator business model that you often see. It is understood that when you advertise products for businesses and business units that apply for affiliate programs, you will receive a commission from them. This is the best marketing technique for those who tend to Sale-Marketing, it means you have to combine online marketing tools and techniques with Sales.

  1. 5. Email Marketing:

This is the online marketing technique in which you will use electronic mail (email) with content marketing, promoting, and introducing services, products, and brands, ... to the target audience group determined by the business

The most commonly used types of Email Marketing include:

  • Sales email: this is one of internet marketing methods, content introducing products, services, preferential programs, and promotions for customers. Their purpose is to convert potential customers to make purchases, increasing revenue for the business.
  • Transaction email: This is a confirmation email when a customer successfully completes a transaction. For example, electronic receipts, order statuses, order confirmations, balance confirmations, etc.
  • Email newsletter: The content of these emails is mainly useful and attractive content with a creative presentation, not just about products, functions, and functions. Customers who receive mail are often those who actively leave emails for businesses.
  • Welcome email: This is the first email that customers receive after they register on the website, app, etc. with the desire to be able to receive useful information about products and promotions… There is an online marketing technique in content which can be thank you notes, instructions for updating information, answering questions, etc.
  1. 6. Paid Advertising

You will have to pay to be displayed ads on the desired positions of online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram… The cost will usually be calculated based on the number of times a user clicks on your ad (Pay per click). Therefore, Paid Advertising (paid advertising) is also known as PPC. However, depending on the advertiser's marketing goals, platforms do charge in different ways.

Final key of Online marketing technique (trend in 2022): Utilize a dedicated E-Commerce Platform - Such as PapMall E-commerce platform

7 Keys Online Marketing Techniques to Improve Your Online Store & Operations

(Online marketing techniques)

Use online marketing techniques through e-commerce platforms for increasing your online store income, such as papmall® E-commerce platform. We provide easy access tools that will help you advertise, collect payments and fulfill orders with ease.

Some benefits when using an E-commerce platform:

1. Faster purchasing process: Customers can shop more quickly and easily for what they want. They can quickly go over various things at once and purchase what they desire. Customers can shop online for things that are unavailable locally or are only accessible in distant physical stores. The business needs to use online marketing techniques to read these types of customers.

2. Store and product listing: When a consumer searches for an item, they see a product listing. This is one perk of e-commerce that is intended for the vendor. One benefit of using online marketing techniques is the ability to customize your product listings once they have been created.

3. Cost reduction: An online store can spend less on shop maintenance with an online store. When compared to a traditional business, an online store is more inexpensive and requires less capital. Additionally, this is a terrific chance for small-scale and independent vendors who wish to earn an income but lack the necessary startup money.

4. Flexibility for customers: The ability of sellers to provide customers flexibility is a significant benefit of e-commerce for businesses. One advantage is that the goods and services are available around-the-clock. As a result, the vendor is able to provide his product whenever and wherever.

5. No reach limitations: The online store can reach an unlimited number of customers. There is a huge advantage when online stores build brand awareness and increase sales.

6. Product and price comparison: The customer can compare the products through price, size, model, and promotion which create the advantages of competitiveness. On the other hand, Sellers can compare products by using the tools or their own. This gives them a good idea of the product alternatives available, and standard rates if the product need is unmet.

7. Several payment modes: E-commerce payment gateways at most e-commerce sites create every opportunity for customers to easily pay in the form they want. For example, papmall® E-commerce platform has become more advanced when their payment gateways accept virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).



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