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30 August 2022 By papmall®

We are establishing the foundation for a good community on our main platform; what else could we do than make papmall® a place where people can connect and exchange values?

I pap you campaign 1

This is how we move forward:

We are all aware that any company needs strong financial capabilities to remain competitive. Besides, the thing that makes our business thrive is to have a significant position in the market; we tend to build a place that focuses on ‘human’ connection within a community. And that is how “I pap YOU” came, the latest campaign from papmall®.

We believe that every individual has their own stories, and expect to share them when they are in the right place. Our fundamental statement is clear and significant; we want to be that “right place”. The campaign’s mission is to motivate our clients to share and connect tighter, want to build a strong community for papmall®. We expect that every time they mention our ‘pap’, papmall®, they know exactly what we do and what messages we are trying to spread within the community.

The campaign may begin in September officially on our social platforms and last till the end of 2022, and if we achieve a stable amount of interactions, we would like to run it longer and further. In this statement, we are going to give them a bigger view of the campaign. What does it look like, how do we image ‘pap’ from our point of view?

The campaign demonstrates how we define "pap" in three different ways: as a noun, an adjective, and a verb. We combine and integrate “I pap YOU” under a form: hashtag, to be able to spread it more intimately.

We tell the audience that by providing explanations, our audiences' imaginations won't be constrained and will be able to go wild further.

What is ‘pap’?

OH MY pap !

A noun: we form that “pap” here as an exclamatory sentence. Cannot deny that we operate the platform to do business and want our clients to remember our brand name in ways.

#ohmypap Yes, “pap” will be popping in everywhere. Let’s spread “pap”.

HE/SHE/IT is so pap.

An adjective: to describe the feelings inside of every individual, to present a character of each one that is complicated to talk about somehow.




But hey, at papmall®, everything is driven in positive ways.

I pap YOU !

A verb: to confess a secret feeling that is hard to say out loud, to connect people, to motivate each other, to share, learn and help.



You make me wanna pap, I pap YOU.

I pap you campaign 2

A little message from the creator - Willow Dan papmall® Communication Lead:

willow message Let’s connect through “pap”. Draw “pap” in your own imagination.

We hope they'll push themselves to learn more about the campaign in unique ways. Getting them as quickly as we can into the welcoming ambience of our campaign.

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