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How Sellers attract their potential clients with their PAPs

By papmall® 19 December 2022

How Sellers attract their potential clients with their PAPs

By papmall® 19 December 2022

  1. Things Sellers should be aware of after signing up

You must generate your PAP after registering or entering into your account in order to sell your goods and services on papmall®. For additional information on the PAP creation procedure, click here.

 After registering or logging in, there are some things that Sellers need to be aware of.

After registering or logging in, there are some things that Sellers need to be aware of.

  1. How to increase interest in your PAP among potential customers

There are many PAPs on papmall®, you should make your PAP be unique and different from others. Here are some tips that we can recommend you carry out:

2.1 Making your product stand out

You can use the following advice to distinguish your PAPs:

  • Create an excellent PAP for your profile by giving it a succinct, informative title, eye-catching picture, and engaging video.
  • Make your goods stand out by including some valuable packages.
  • Mention the language in which you can speak with your clients.
  • Use SEO terms that are relevant to your business, your services, and what your target audience is looking for to differentiate your PAP.
  • Add a section on "Why you should trust and hire me?"
  • Add special offers are available: 24/7 assistance, no charge for revisions, free consultation, reward schemes, and unique customer service.
  • Plus a straightforward feature of cost-free services, sellers can distinguish your product from the competition.
  • Create your combo and your numerous PAPs so you can diversify your PAPs.

A strategic PAP package should be developed to give your customers additional information about it. We offer the following four psychological pricing techniques that can be applied to draw in customers:

  • The decoy effect

Customers frequently choose the more expensive good or service when offered a third option (a "decoy"). The three alternatives for purchasing popcorn at movie theaters serves as an excellent illustration of this strategy. Small: $53, Medium: $56.5, and Large: $67. The majority of consumers select option three because they believe that paying an extra $0.50 for an additional serving of popcorn won't be all that painful. The 'decoy' has increased the value of pricey goods, encouraging people to spend more money than is necessary.

  • Bundling

A marketing technique known as product bundling involves grouping together many products and selling them all at once for a set price. For instance, McDonald's bundles a burger, cola, and french fries into one Happy Meal option rather than selling them separately, increasing sales. We underestimate how illogical consumers can be. When compared to the cost of each item separately, a combo is always cheaper in their eyes. As a result, people will make rash decisions and disregard their own needs.

  • The effect of anchoring

The goal is to focus customers' attention on the initial piece of information and force them to use it as their primary source of judgment and decision-making. Customers will naturally see $8 as inexpensive when you first offer a product at $10 and later sell others at $8, ignoring the aspects that affect that pricing, such as the product's quality, the market price, your customer's budget, etc. Customers mistakenly think $8 is a good value because of the "anchor" of $10, even if it is not. You should use phrases like "Your order totals $100, however, after applying a 20% discount, it is just $80" in your promotions to put it into practice.

  • The foot-in-the-door method

Even if certain sensations are false, the human brain is continually trying to maintain consistency in them. The "foot in the door" strategy works because of this. Simple: Customers are more receptive to larger requests when given a smaller one. In loyalty schemes like Gold Membership Cards and Platinum Membership Cards, the strategy is commonplace. Believe us when we say that people adore feeling like members of an exclusive club. Even if they are not, they have a tendency to act that way.

papmall® advises that you group your services into Standard, VIP, and Premium categories with corresponding values.

By dividing your PAP into Standard, VIP, and Premium categories and assigning matching values to each, you should raise interest in your PAP among potential clients.

By dividing your PAP into Standard, VIP, and Premium categories and assigning matching values to each, you should raise interest in your PAP among potential clients.

2.2 Creating a personal brand for yourself on papmall® and social media

  1. Create an attractive profile.

You should be able to attract potential consumers' attention with an engaging self-introduction and demonstration of your work before you ever consider converting. You must emphasize the following factors for your Profile Description in order to achieve that:

  • Imagine you only have 30 seconds to make an impression. How would you respond?
  • When writing your profile description, keep in mind that some of the greatest seller profiles we identified on papmall® are brief summaries of the traits and abilities the seller is most proud of, supported by examples.
  • Other things to keep in mind when writing a strong PAP description include:
  • Give a detailed explanation of your PAP (up to 1,200 characters).
  • Provide as much detail as you can so that buyers can determine whether your PAP fits their needs.
  • Make sure everything in your writing is original.
  • Never provide your contact information to anyone.
  1. Share your tips and experiences with your customers

You can share your experience, ideas, or advice in the PAP description to attract customers' attention and display feedback from past clients who have endorsed your abilities, your service, or the way you supported them throughout the service.

Creating your PAP's brand on papmall® and social media sites

Creating your PAP's brand on papmall® and social media sites

2.3 Promoting your PAP

On papmall®:

papmall® is among the greatest platforms to put oneself for hire as a freelancer, facilitating millions of transactions between freelancers and clients each year. You can impress your clients with your attractive profile and market yourself on papmall® to increase your chances of landing a job on papmall®. You can depend on your customers and your service to publish yours at the right time. Taking advantage of the papmall® policy is a good way to increase the chances for your PAPs.

Marketing your PAP on papmall® and social media sites

Marketing your PAP on papmall® and social media sites

On social media sites:

The value of social media as a tool for digital marketing has increased. The number of platforms available on the market has multiplied significantly during the last ten years. There are various social media sites available now that we may use for commerce and the market, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They also enable you to establish your own community. The following advice can be used to promote your PAP on social networking sites:

  • Utilize LinkedIn's advantages.

There is a good chance that your clients are on Linkedin with its 774+ million users. Additionally, compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn may be better at generating new clientele because it nearly exclusively focuses on business interactions. First, update your profile to highlight and promote your freelance business. Then, to learn more, join Linkedin's Profinder network.

  • Apply hashtags

One way for individuals to see the impact of hashtags in action is through the activist groups or movements that use them to attract attention to specific causes, occasions, or subjects. The ultimate goal is to educate the audience and encourage their engagement. Some of them have achieved enough success for a single hashtag to gain widespread popularity. Therefore, hashtags can be a powerful engagement tool for independent contractors.

  • Share your blog content with the Facebook audience.

To help advertise your PAP, you should regularly submit blog entries to Facebook community groups and send out social media updates.

  • Contact neighborhood establishments

Another efficient strategy to attract more clients is to get in touch with other companies that might need your services.

Payment methods of papmall®

Payment methods of papmall®

  1. Reasons for why you should select papmall®

Here are some reasons why you should choose papmall®:

Easy-to-use PAP setup Put your trust in your sales Available 24/7 Support Worldwide solutions for sale
We provide you with a pre-built e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly set up your store, sell anywhere in the world, and take for for your business to the next level to increase your sales. - The Top-rated Sellers show evidence of your hard work and high-quality services.
– Boost conversion rates.
- Boost your sales revenue.
We try our best to give our customers timely, courteous service so that they are more than just satisfied. They have been genuinely pleased with our offerings. - Online stores.
- A Global Marketplace
- Seller Dashboard
- Communication Platform
- Diverse Payment Methods
- Data Management API
- 4 levels of protection
- Promotion channels.
- International commerce.
- Custom storefront tools.
  1. Payment solutions

Your consumers can use a number of technologies, such as credit cards and e-wallets, to make online payments. We help online buyers and sellers conduct domestic and international transactions utilizing a range of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, and others.

We increase the average order value by giving clients more ways to pay for their purchases. To increase your revenue and conversion rate, we provide a range of payment options.

About papmall®

papmall®, a global e-commerce platform for SMBs, has seen a sharp increase in the number of service purchases, winning the trust and affection of clients of all shapes and sizes from all over the world. papmall® has continued to innovate and improve itself in order to provide partners with these benefits: high-quality service, a convenient and secure experience, and the cutting-edge platform it is now.


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