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By papmall® 20 December 2022


By papmall® 20 December 2022

It is already December and the X-mas vibe is spreading around the papmall® office. We are coming up with special internal events that will be introduced in this writing.

First of all, a decoration contest will be held to encourage individuals to customize their working corner with a Christmas theme. The goal of this event is to create chances for teammates to connect with each other, relax after a working year, and renew the working environment visually. There will be 3 prizes for individuals who decorate their table impressively, and the winners will be voted by the whole team. Specifically, the 1st prize value is 2 million VND, the second prize is worth 1 million VND and the third one is 500 thousand VND. The real cash value is chosen to increase the competitiveness of the contest, also the winners will be honored by publishing their profiles on the company's website and social platforms.

Secondly, with the purpose of enhancing the relationship between team members, a gift exchange event will be organized. Every member is going to prepare a small Christmas gift and a greeting card inside. Then, the organizer will deliver the gift randomly to other members. This event might be a key to building up more conversation between members because everyone rarely gets to know each other in a +500-employee corporation.

In summary, papmall® is going to build up not only an effective working environment but also improve the relationship between employees. Christmas Eve is coming and papmall® members are so excited to enjoy this season with so many fascinating activities. papmall® believes that strong connections between employees will lead to the advancement of the working environment.

Christmas is coming to papmall®


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