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A memorable team building trip

By papmall® 05 January 2023

A memorable team building trip

By papmall® 05 January 2023

In November 2022, the papmall team took part in a team-building trip that significantly connected us. This trip to Phan Thiet is memorable with joyful moments, interesting team activities, and team bonding.

First of all, when we came to Phan Thiet, we had a great dinner with fresh seafood including fish, shrimp, and shells. On the next day, we started a fresh morning with a breakfast of squid noodles. Then, we spent time on the beach where each team took photos with the company's backdrops, and participated in outdoor activities like flagging, tugging, and finding treasures to improve physical health and build connections between teammates. Finally, our team won the 2nd prize thanks to the great efforts of the members.

Secondly, we attended the night party where we dressed up like a pro, and joined in the musical contest. Our team dance performance received a lot of positive feedback. Our performance won the 3rd prize which made us so happy.

Last but not least, our trip was broadcasted on a national TV channel to build up the company image. My team was chosen as the main force to be shown on the TV thanks to the young and energetic spirits. I also met a lot of international experts in other companies’ branches that I could communicate with and learn new industrial information.

This trip was amazing. It brings a lot of benefits for me and my teams such as connections, knowledge, and prizes. I would like to contribute to my team to achieve the company’s goals and create more fantastic memories like this during my youth.


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